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Communicating Eligibility for Telework: Lessons Learned from the Department of Defense

Government Teleworker

“The DoD breakout shows that despite a 2010 law requiring all agencies to inform employees of whether they are eligible to telework, 37 percent of employees there say they have not received such a notice. Another 10 percent are not sure if they were notified, with 31 percent saying they were told they are eligible and 22 percent saying they were told they are not.”


For government agencies, the implementation of teleworking policies has been a tall task. Based on a law passed in 2010, these agencies are required to inform employees of their eligibility for remote work.  As this article points out, however, this has not been the case in many instances. Large portions of government employees in fact are still unclear about what teleworking options are available to them.  Even more, many of those that are aware indicate they do not work remotely because of the demands of their job, or because of challenges with technology.

Clearly there are many hurdles an organization or government agency needs to clear when deciding to develop and maintain a successful telework strategy. Technology, the perceived drop-off of productivity, and questions about communication can all be considered stumbling blocks for any program. Because of these obstacles, identifying the proper departments or individuals for this new strategy becomes of upmost importance.  To identify remote workers with strong opportunities for success, factors such as their job role, personal competencies, and social needs have to be taken into consideration. Choosing the right employees to telework will ensure that this aspect of your flexible working initiative is ultimately successful and advantageous for both employee and employer.

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