A structured, proven approach to workplace flexibility

Lots of organizations offer telework as a benefit to top performers, but streamlining a program where workplace flexibility becomes a business strategy and not a mere perk requires culture change. For most companies attempting to implement a mobile work program, there are a wide range of attitudes among those in leadership positions; there are usually a handful of progressive thinkers who are driving the change, often in direct opposition to many mid-level managers who may be exceedingly vocal in declaring “that won’t work here!”

iStock_000008913715_SmallSo how do you reign in the exuberant leaders who feel every employee should work from home 5 days a week while still giving a nudge to managers who are convinced that even 1 remote day a week might be too much for even their most productive employees?

By conducting FlexMatch™ Suitability Assessments, your organization can take part in a proven process to help identify which employees are most likely to have success in a remote work environment. The FlexMatch™ process allows you to quickly assess, and then enroll, employees in a formalized flex program. Working with an unbiased third-party removes the specter of favoritism from the selection process; now, when an employee confronts his or her boss about not being selected when others were, the leader can sit down with the employee and review that individual’s FlexMatch™ results, discuss our recommendations, and come up with a game plan to improve the deficiencies highlighted in the results.

Those apprehensive leaders who believe none of their direct reports could ever be successful working from home are now pushed by our recommendations, needing to reconsider preconceived notions. Senior leadership can then challenge mid-level managers when their is a great discrepancy between our recommendations and their ultimate decision. As an organization, our manager scorecards allow you to identify leaders who may need the most guidance and support in redefining their supervisory approach.

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