6 Ways Work Will Change in 2016

FM Online Talent Acquisition“Most major workplace trends don’t evolve overnight, and if you know where to look, you can already witness their approach.

Many of the trends that will come into focus in 2016 already exist today, but their significance is expected to grow and become mainstream in the year to come.”

Source: Fast Company

It’s no surprise that the trend atop the list of Fast Company’s “6 Ways Work Will Change in 2016” is “Remote-First Business.”

The concept of organizations allowing employees to work off-site is past the point of a workplace trend simply ‘gaining steam.’  Today’s technological capabilities make telework an attainable strategy, and organizations big and small are beginning to understand the advantages both on the productivity, and cost savings fronts.  As John Bersin, Founder of research firm Bersin, is quoted as saying in this article, “organizations really aren’t companies; they’re like networks of teams.  Even big companies are being reorganized like this.”

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Posted on: January 20, 2016, by : Nick Virzi