Federal Telework Can Combat $86 Million Lost Per Day Due to Office Closures

FM GSA Tops Telework totals

The closure of federal government offices in Washington, D.C., and across the northeast caused by the huge storm there cost taxpayers upward of $86 million per day in lost productivity, according to one research firm. 

If only the rest of the government was more like the General Services Administration, that cost might have been slashed.

Source: FedScoop

Is your workplace prepared to handle adverse weather conditions that threaten productivity, deadlines, and your group’s overall reputation?  Armed with a well-implemented telework program and a staff of individuals suited to work off-site if needed, your organization does not need to miss a beat should weather, or any other circumstances prevent an employee or employees from making it into work.  Look no further than the GSA in this article for a model of how your organization could respond when properly prepared.

It’s no surprise a shift toward telecommuting is a trending workplace topic – and not just in situations where weather makes getting to and from the office difficult.  Organizations across all industries have recognized that work-from-home programs save both time and money.  When employees work from home, their often long and tedious commutes can be eliminated, allowing them to dedicate more focus to work responsibilities.  Office space can then be reduced, saving an organization money on real estate overhead.

But don’t simply select your teleworkers based on tenure, gut feelings, random drawings, or office hierarchy. Discovering the right personnel involves a deeper dive.  At FlexMatch™, our suitability assessments will rank employees based on their job role, social needs, and personal competencies.  Our analysis will include a score for each respondent, a recommendation of an appropriate home/office mix, and a scorecard for managers that indicates how prepared your leaders are for overseeing off-site employees.

Use the GSA as a model for your organization, and FlexMatch™ Suitability Assessments to help implement this ultra-productive, cost-saving workplace initiative.


Posted on: February 17, 2016, by : Nick Virzi