How Your Home Changes When You Telework

FM home office away“With winter on its way in, taking advantage of your company’s telework opportunity might sound appealing — but snow days aren’t the only thing keeping people at home during the workweek. Telecommuting opportunities are available at increasing rates to employees in the U.S., and they’re taking advantage of the option more than ever as well.”

“As of September 2015, more than 3.7 million employees work from home at least half the time…”

With work-from-home opportunities on the rise, many job seekers and individuals already in the workforce are excited to find a new position – or take advantage of a new policy – that allows daily tasks to be completed from one’s residence.

Responsibility, however, falls on organizations to ensure these new opportunities are being taken advantage of by those in the best positions to succeed.   Having a quality space to conduct off-site work is just one aspect of selecting appropriate teleworkers.  Other aspects include one’s job role, personal competencies, and social needs.

To give these individuals, the teleworking program, and the organization as a whole the best opportunity for success, telework candidates and their leaders should be carefully assessed in order for the right pieces to be plugged into place.  FlexMatch™ Suitability Assessments covers all of the above mentioned criteria, and the scores of all participants will be reported, along with our recommendation as to the maximum number of days a week a respondent should work off-site.

As this article mentions, remote work is becoming a normalized practice, and employees are planning and preparing their home office space in anticipation of new, continued, or increased opportunities to telework.  Get a leg up on your competition by knowing in advance which employees in your organization will make the smoothest transition.

FlexMatch™ Suitability Assessments can easily and accurately demonstrate to your organization which employees will be most effective working remotely, and which managers possess the requisite skills to manage off-site employees. By examining the suitability of job role, personal competencies, and social needs, our team is able to gauge which employees and managers are best suited for telework and what their ideal home/office mixture is. Enroll your organization now for our next assessment period.

Posted on: December 30, 2015, by : Nick Virzi