Telework Can Increase Employee Satisfaction, But It’s Also Lonely

lonely telework“For over a year, I worked almost exclusively from my tiny apartment in Harlem. Aside from trips into an office every six weeks or so, my work schedule and surroundings were mostly left up to me. On some days, I would fly through assignments and personal tasks with unusual efficiency. But on other days, telecommuting meant working from the time I woke up until the wee hours of the morning with no breaks, or spending entire days seemingly accomplishing nothing other than making headway on my Netflix queue.”


Here at FlexMatch™, we assist organizations seeking to add work-from-home policies to their overall workplace strategy.  Despite the best intentions of these organizations, many of those involved in the implementation process tend to remain skeptical.

This article highlights both the benefits, and common concerns, many institutions find themselves weighing as they consider moving forward with telework.  How can we ensure our employees are in fact working?  What sorts of distractions will this particular individual face?  Fortunately, some organizations have had the foresight to ask these questions up front.  Many have not!

Organizations that are serious about rolling out a successful policy will want to do as much fact finding as possible.  Knowing which employees possess the appropriate job roles, social skills, and overall competencies is an incredibly important tool for which to plan a shift to off-site work.  Throw in a service that surveys employees, scores employee results, recommends their appropriate number of days working outside the office, and grades leaders on their ability to adjust to a shift in management style, and you have a prepared project team confident in the decisions they are making moving forward.

Flexmatch™ Suitability Assessments can easily and accurately demonstrate to your organization which employees will be most effective working remotely,  and which managers possess the requisite skills to manage off-site employees. By examining the suitability of job role, personal competencies, and social needs, our team is able to gauge which employees and managers are best suited for telework and what their ideal home/office mixture is. Enroll your organization now for our next assessment period.



Posted on: December 8, 2015, by : Nick Virzi