Flexwork Resources

The FlexMatch™ team is passionate about organizations exploring, developing, and implementing flexible work options for their workforces.  The many benefits of flexwork include increased employee morale and productivity, and an organization’s ability to save costs by reducing a real estate footprint.

Whether you are an individual seeking flexible work opportunities, or an organization hoping to learn more about establishing a more flexible culture, you may benefit from exploring and perhaps reaching out to the following resources:






1 Million for Work Flexibility is a movement that aims to rally individuals and organizations around the benefits of flexible working. Their goal is to inspire 1 million people in favor of flexible work options to join them in creating a voice that employers and legislatures can hear.







Can’t seem to find a job offering flexible working opportunities?  Have you tried FlexJobs? FlexJobs screens and posts job listings from credible organizations, and their staff ensures some element of flexwork – telecommuting, part-time, or flexible schedules – is included.






Telcoa “brings together a diverse array of organizations, companies, and individuals with the common interests of promoting awareness and adoption of existing and emerging telework and telecommuting applications.” Telcoa in particular sees flexible work as a solution to combating current transportation issues such as congestion and carbon emissions.

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Stegmeier Consulting Group, the parent company of FlexMatch™ Suitability Assessments, is available to help organizations answer questions about implementing remote work initiatives.  Our team has nearly 20 years of experience researching and assisting clients in their transitions to new environments or new teleworking strategies.  Browse our site to learn about our services, read our blogs, or to contact us.