How It Works

Determining the right fit for your remote work program requires more than just open minded managers.

Deciding who is a good fit for a flexwork (or remote work/mobility/flexible work arrangement/agile work/telecommuting/telework) program is something that puzzles many organizations. Senior leaders often offer flexible work arrangements as a perk to reward high performers, but just because someone is a good employee, does not mean they are a good candidate for remote work. Our FlexMatch™ Suitability Assessments guide you through a deep dive process that examines your workforce through 3 separate (but equally important) lenses we’ve determined are critical for the success of remote workers.

FlexMatch Fit

The web-based assessment tool asks employees a number of questions to determine how suitable each candidate is based on their individual competencies, their job role, and their social needs for collaboration and needed supervisor involvement.

Your organization is able to quickly proceed through a proven assessment process. Employees can take the electronic assessment (15-20 minute test) from any computer. Once the enrollment period is closed, our team of consultants examines the results and provides you with a formal recommendation.

Candidates are ranked from most likely to have success to those we’d consider to be a poor fit for a remote work environment. For each candidate, we’ll provide you a recommendation for the number of days to telework, as well as a rationale for why and any concerns or suggestions. Employees are also asked to provide insights on what else they’ll need from your organization to be successful (both technology-related and support/skill development).

Managers responsible for individual contributors are also asked a series of questions related to their level of comfort and skill in leading employees they can’t see. The data collected in this area helps us populate the manager scorecard, which allows your organization to keep a pulse on your leaders’ readiness for managing by results.

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