Manager Scorecards

Identifying the right candidates to participate in your organization’s telework program is important, but it’s also crucial to know just how prepared your managers are for leading remote employees.

During the assessment process, respondents are asked if they are responsible for supervising individual contributors. If so, these leaders are taken to a separate manager section where they are asked a series of questions designed to identify their attitudes towards leading a more flexible workforce. The assessment also asks managers to weigh in on what additional support they may need from the organization to successfully lead remote workers.  Managers are then asked to list out some action steps they can take to proactively prepare their teams for a shift in where work is completed.

At the end of the manager section, respondents are asked if they are interested in working remotely themselves.  Those who are interested are then taken through the full employee assessment.  For these leaders, your organization will receive two separate score cards–one for that person as a manager and one for that person as a candidate for the telecommuting program.

This portion of the FlexMatch™ process can be completed in under 10 minutes, increasing the likelihood of high participation from busy leaders. The data captured in this section allows our team to gauge each specific manager’s readiness for leading in new ways. Manager score cards (you’ll receive one for each leader) gives you valuable insights on which managers are most likely to transition smoothly to a new leadership style and which may require some additional training or guidance.