FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Q – How long does the employee assessment take to complete?

  • A – Employees who are interested in telework can typically complete the assessment in 15-20 minutes.

Q – How long does the manager assessment take to complete?

  • A – The manager section, which helps us populate the manager scorecard, can be completed in under 10 minutes.

Q – How is the user count tabulated? How many people will we get billed for?

  • A – Clients are billed on the total number of assessments taken. For instance, a manager of individual contributors who is interested in working remotely herself should be encouraged to complete both the employee section (to be assessed on her suitability for remote work) and the manager section (to determine her readiness to lead a distributed/remote team). In this scenario, your organization would be charged for 2 separate user fees for this 1 employee.

Q – I am responsible for a large organization with both domestic and international offices.  I don’t feel the enrollment periods will be convenient or long enough to capture all the employees I would like to assess.  Is there another solution?

  • A – If our quarterly, two week enrollment windows are too restrictive for your needs, we do offer a custom enrollment option, which will allow you to dictate the open and close date for your enrollment period.

Q – With multiple organizations participating in the same enrollment, how can I be assured my company’s data is kept separate and secure?

  • A – In order for users to take an assessment, they must first log in to a password-protected area of our site.  This password, which is updated each enrollment period, is provided to participating clients during our registration process.  Each client is also provided with a separate organizational code for users to enter at the beginning of their assessment.  This unique qualifier allows our team to separate your data, which is then stored on an industry-standard encrypted RAID 10 array server, keeping every bit of information secure from prying eyes and backed up in the event of computer failure.

Q – How long will it take for the results and recommendations to be completed and provided to us?

  • A – We aim to have all final reports and recommendations to our clients within 2 weeks of the close of the enrollment period.  Depending on the number of users who enroll in a given period, this time frame may fluctuate some.

Q – I am an independent change practitioner, working with a client to help implement their flexwork program.  I see that FlexMatch™ is an offering of Stegmeier Consulting Group–do you only work directly with your own clients?

  • A – No! We are happy to serve as a value-added partner to peer consultancies.  As proponents of expanding flexible work options, we think we’ve got a great, innovative solution to a problem most every flex-minded organization faces.  We’re always excited to collaborate with other consultants for their client’s success, while still respecting the unique, exclusive relationship they share with that client.